ARTIST / International Istanbul Art Fair, will be held at TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center, Beylikdüzü between November 12 and 20, 2016 for the 26th year.

 In the 26th anniversary of ARTIST / International Istanbul Art Fair, main hall no 7 will feature 25 galleries along with an extended fair designed by multiple curators, titled Unexpected Territories, a panel and a series of performances.
Hall no 8th, reserved every year to support young artists, will be hosting more than 30 initiatives and groups along with a number of institutions including Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul Kültür University and International Knidos Arts and Culture Academy. 
This year, President of International Association of Art Critics (AICA), Marek Bartelik will appear as a speaker in the fair, upon invitation of Burcu Pelvanoğlu.
ARTIST 2016 International Istanbul Art Fair will open its doors to visitors on November 12, at 11:00 a.m. and will feature more than a thousand works by hundreds of artists in two halls covering more than 12 thousand square meters for 9 days.
ARTİST 2016 Honors
Honor Awards of Istanbul Art Fair, given every year to commemorate outstanding contributions to various branches of plastic arts, will also find their owners. Artist of Honor Award will be given to Gülsün Karamustafa for her precious contribution to contemporary art and Art Friendy Corporation Honorary Award will be given to Summart Art Center.
The awards will be presented at the TÜYAP Honors Dinner on Monday, November 14, 2016. During the event, a selection of videos by Gülsün Karamustafa shot at various times will be screened in an area reserved for the artist, in a section titled “Her Movies”. Additionally, the document exhibition titled “Gülsün Karamustafa on Paper” will feature visual communication material like posters, billboards, catalogues, invitations designed for the artist and her works; book - periodical covers by the artist, and illustrations under a defined curatorial concept.
In the framework of Benefactor of Art Award, Summart Bora Collection will be exhibited extendedly under curatorship of Denizhan Özer. A selection from Bora Collection, started in 1989 by Mete Bora, founder of Summart Art Center, will be open for visitors throughout the fair.
Towards “Unexpected Territories” …
Unlike the past years, ARTIST/ International Istanbul Art Fair will feature a comprehensive project titled "Unexpected Territories" along with the usual galleries. “Unexpected Territories” invite us to think about migration which all of us are somehow exposed to, either as a subject or a witness.
The project is organized in a multi-curator model bringing together independent groups of artists, curatorial exhibitions, performances, nongovernmental organizations and social movements from such countries as Greece, Austria and Italy as well as galleries from Ankara and Istanbul; the project features curators and institutions including but not limited to:
DEPO Tophane-BAK, Emre Zeytinoğlu, Barış Seyitvan, Ezgi Bakçay, Rahmi Öğdül, İpek Çankaya-Halka Art, Rafet Arslan, Aslıhan Kaplan Bayrak-Bahçe Group, Union of Immigrant Women (Germany),  Mahmut Koyuncu, Yekhan Pınarlıgil-Lionel Soukaz (Paris-France), Elli Chrysidou (Thessaloniki, Greece), Bahçe Group, Taner Güven, Zeki Coşkun, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Photography Practices and Research Center (FUAM), Hinterland Galerie (Vienna, Austria), Association of Archeologists Istanbul Branch, Grafist, TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Büyükkent/Urban Dreams Atelier, LeMan, Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary (BIFED)
A Precious Collection in TÜYAP
Valör Art Gallery's collection is getting prepared to meet the collectors for the first time in TÜYAP. The collection features outstanding representatives of three generations of Turkish painting including Halil Paşa, Hoca Ali Rıza, Diyarbakırlı Tahsin, Sami Yetik, Nazmi Ziya, Leopold Levy, İbrahim Çallı, Hikmet Onat, Feyhaman Duran, Fikret Mualla, Ferruh Başağa, Nuri İyem, Avni Arbaş, Şeref Bigalı, Orhan Peker, Burhan Doğançay, Turan Erol, Oya Zaim Katoğlu and Komet, it will be presented to collectors throughout the fair.
Adasanat in TÜYAP
Adasanat, founded in 1990 to facilitate independent artistic works of Memet and Buket Güreli, will be in TÜYAP for the first time to exhibit the works of said artists. Adasanat will also be exhibiting an important, never before seen work of Alaadin Aksoy.
Supporting Young Artists for 12 Years
ARTIST has been opening its doors to young artists, groups, initiatives and fine art faculties of universities for 12 years and this year Hall no 8 will be hosting independent young artists. This provides opportunity for young artists and fine arts students to get in touch with galleries, to join projects and to produce joint projects.
As always, the 26th International Istanbul Art Fair will be held concurrently with the 35th International Istanbul Book Fair organized by TÜYAP Fairs in association with the Turkish Publishers Association.   
ARTİST will be open until the evening of Sunday, November 20, 2016.
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